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Social Fund for Development is committed to providing high quality and performance of services in accordance with the needs of the local community to enhance that SFD is not only aware of the rights of clients and beneficiaries of the projects to make their complaints or suggestions but also it welcomes them as a valuable means to assess the performance as well as an important input for the development of the work system.
Senior management is interested in resolving complaints and taking advantage of the proposals in an effective, fast, fair, reliable and high transparency through Complaints Management Mechanism (CHM) depending on trained staff  and  procedures designed in accordance with the requirements of the Complaints Management Mechanism (CHM) complied with the best international practices and the ways in handling with complaints to increase the beneficiaries’ satisfaction through a vivid manual that states all procedures used to handle complaints, and suggestions incoming to SFD and how to register , classify, resolve and close them. The manual shows all types of eligibly received complaints and suggestions which occur during the implementation of the field activities of various projects.
The manual also states the accessible, fast channels by which complaints and suggestions can be received confidentially, and clearly explains how to follow-up, resolve and close the complaints and suggestions files.